Stories of science
Xplore Health

Marta Espar
Director and co-scriptwriter

Marta Espar graduated in Psychology from the University of Barcelona (UB) and in Journalism from the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. She has worked in the following Spanish and international mass media: TVE (Spanish public television), the Catalan television channel TV3 and Barcelona TV. She has also worked in Berlin as a correspondent for AVUI (one of the Catalan daily newspapers), as a reporter on the German television channel Deutsche Welle-Berlin, and on the Catalan online newspaper, Diari de Barcelona. She specialises in reporting on health and science issues, and was writing freelance for the health pages of the Spanish newspaper EL PAIS UNTIL 2012. She Iis the author of a book of interviews with leading childbirth professionals about medical assistance during labour in Spain, “Los secretos de un parto feliz”, which was published IN 2011 by Random House Modadori.

Marta is now directing and writing scripts for the educational videos uploaded on the European Educative Programme xplorehealth.eu, as well as reporting on science and education topics for the European Research Media Centre Youris.com, the Euroscientist Magazine, the catalan newspaper ARA and the Gutmicrobiotawatch.org blog. She is fluent in English, German, French and Italian.

Marc Parramon
Artistic director and cameraman

Marc Parramon graduated in Audiovisual Communications from the University Ramon Llull (URL) in Barcelona. He has worked as a cameraman and artistic director for Barcelona Television, the Catalan television channel TV3 and the Spanish public television channel TVE. He also produces videos for the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and for the Health Department of the Catalan autonomous government, la Generalitat. He is the artistic director and cameraman for the Xplore Health videos and he is also working on a documentary for TV3.


David Cubero
Editing and graphics

David Cubero has created graphics and edited for D'Ocon Films, Animandus, Cromosoma TV, Barça TV, Muf, the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB) and Goroka TV. He was the Director of Photography for "Arrugas" (Wrinkles), currently in cinemas. This movie was pre-selected for the Oscars and won two Goya Prizes, one of which was for Best Animated Feature.

Michele Catanzaro
Physicist and a freelance science writer

Michele Catanzaro (Rome, 1979) is a physicist and a freelance science writer based in Barcelona (Spain). He holds a PhD in statistical physics (complex networks) from the Technical University of Catalonia (Spain). As a science journalist, he has been collaborating in the last decade with media in English, Spanish, Italian, and Catalan: among others outlets, Nature, Physicsworld, El Periódico de Catalunya, Repubblica.it, and Le Scienze. He is familiar with several formats, including television, newspapers, magazines, and the web. He has carried on projects of science communication through videos for the Municipality of Barcelona, two European research projects, the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, and the arts center Arts Santa Mònica, in Barcelona. He was press officer during two years at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), in Barcelona. He is member of the board of the Catalan Association for Science Communication and coordinator of the science section of the 150 years old cultural association Ateneu Barcelonès. His work has been recognized in the Joan Oró prize, the Certamen Teresa Pinillos award and the Fundació Grífols Award.

Cristina Saez

Cristina Saez graduated in Translation and Interpretation, and also from Journalism from the University Pompeu Fabra, in Barcelona. She has more than 10 years experience in Spanish and International mass media, writing in newspapers like La Vanguardia, Publico, and Avui, in the science sections, and also taking part in Spanish popular science tv programs, like REDES, edited by Eduard Punset, in TVE (Spanish public televisions). She specialises in reporting on science issues. And she is currently working for different Spanish and Mexican Science Magazines and also conducting a tv program about Science, Technology and Society in the Catalan local television channel, called La Xarxa Tendències. She is fluent in French and English.

Rosa Castells Guiu
Co-scriptwriter and producer

The journalist Rosa Castells has more than 15 years experience in the Spanish public television channel TVE, where she has worked as a coordinator, producer and scriptwriter on different TV programmes. In recent years she has specialised in documentaries for TVE and the Catalan television channel TV3. She also produces promotional videos for the Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona, for Caixa Sabadell and for Barcelona City Council. Her last video was awarded the prize for Best Publicity Video in Europe.

Emma Reynolds

Emma Reynolds trained and worked as an actress in England for five years before moving to Barcelona in 1999. She now writes, directs and produces plays for her company Blue Mango Theatre, runs Actors4Events, an agency offering actors for the corporate entertainment market, and for film and TV productions.

She also set up and runs Barcelona Time Detectives, an interactive historic tour with actors. In her spare time (!) she has put her voice to a wide variety of projects including adverts for Festina watches, Danone, Carlsberg, Nestle, the tourist boards of Catalonia and Andalusia, and has been the voice of Codorniu, Casa Batlló, and the Titanic exhibition. She recently appeared in the De Niro film 'Red Lights', filmed in Barcelona.